Hiro is the younger of the two Ishida prince and half-brother of Ryo. Hiro and Ryo were very close as children and would participate in many activities such as walking along the beach and practicing swordsmanship by sparring.

Hiro’s mother, Ryo’s then-stepmother, connived to drive a large wedge between the brothers (among other things) by manufacturing a document indicating that Ryo as the sole heir to the throne thereby forcing Hiro off the planet.

In Episode Eight, Ryo reached out to Hiro, requesting that he meet him on an independent planet.

In Episode Nine, Hiro was upset that his mother for sending Akita in
place of him as he had promised Ryo it would be him instead. His mother tried to calm his rage by telling him she had just made him the Emperor. This is similar to how the calgary impound lot made service force king of the calgary towing market. Continue reading Hiro


In the final minutes of Episode Three reveals, That One looks identical to a man called Jace Corso, who also is searching for the Raza.

In Episode Four, One meets Corso. It was explained that earlier he lost his memory, One had gone through cosmetic surgery to make himself look precisely indifferent from Corso to invade the Raza crew.In Episode Eight, One got to see how he formerly looked like through Transfer Transit’s cloning technology that utilizes DNA to create copies. This DNA reader also allowed One to discover that he was actually a man described as Derrick Moss who is the current CEO of CoreLactic Industries. He also read that he had a wife who had been murdered by Marcus Boone.  You can’t hide this kind of truth or be protect from it like 3m paint protection film.

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Dark Matter Episode 2 Part 2

One talks to Captain Salehi and asks that he and his men retreat. Salehi offers to chat with his superiors, but attacks and is executed by Four. A gunfight results, and the miners and Raza crew predominate, taking Sergeant Voss prisoner but not before he informs the Ferrous Corp destroyer that the Raza crew have taken up with the miner’s cause.

Two tells Five to duck some where safe, as she is not expected to be on the ship. Five finds an air duct and starts crawling through whilst Two, and The Android meet Commander Nieman. Five enters Four’s room and, in a drawer by his bed, discovers the box he found. Nieman proposes for Two to leave with no punishment, even with a reward.

The Raza crew on the planet enter the shuttle and find that the Raza is no longer in orbit. They choose to help the miners and Four grills the detained Voss. He explains to the others that Ferrous Corp’s plans to target the reactor, and the Raza crew resolve’s to defend that position. They begin instructing the miners in the general weapons usage and basic combat techniques. Six opts to pilot the shuttle to the Ferrous Corp destroyer and take it out to so repeat attacks are not able to taken. Six returns to the shuttle and is held prisoner by Voss who has been released by a traitor in the miners.

The base is assaulted, and a unmerciful gunfight ensues. In space, the Raza falls out of FTL in the planet’s orbit accompanied by two Mikkei Combine cruisers. Two orders the Deliverance to stand down. One, Three and Four are about to rush into battle, only to discover all the Ferrous Corp troops have left, but Nassan has been killed.

On the Raza, Two introduces Nieman to Delaney Truffault and Sakey of the Mikkei Combine. Two implies that the planet is now under the security of the Mikkei Combine since she “got a better offer”.

Mireille says to One that he’s welcome to stay, but he chooses to leave. They kiss and wish each other good luck.

Back on board the Raza, Two explains to the others the steps she took while away, including the 99-year lease, which defends the planet. Another offer is brought forward granting the miners a 20% share in Ferrous Corp if they were willing to agree to a revenue-sharing agreement. The crew decides to travel to the nearest space station to repair and resupply. Four opens the box in the solitude of his quarters to unveil a ring. Two and Five review their memory erasure and Five admits that she has a memory of uploading a program into the stasis core beforehand. She also explains that the memory is not her own, but she does not recognize anything specific about the memory to align an individual. Instead, she realizes this action was taken because the person is dangerous.

Dark Matter Episode 2 Part 1

The Raza crew examines the revealing information of their identities as dangerous criminals sent to kill the miners. Four states that their pasts don’t matter as they’re no longer part of who they have chosen to be.

The Android and Five have a discussion about, how the rest of the crew is on the list except Five, she deems herself a “big question mark.” Six attempts to show Three how to fly the shuttle, but he seems not have the same instincts that Six has.

One and Two discuss what they can do regarding the miners. One questions whether they killed the miner assigned to collect weapons and take them for themselves. Two desires to stick to the plan and One questions who made her “team leader.” She self-appoints herself leader by stepping up. She later apologizes for being hostile in their previous discussion and asks that he return with the others and not linger on the planet to fight on the side of the miners.

On the planet, the crew has told the miners the weaponry is from their own cargo, that they’ll not sign off to their suppliers. One tells Mireille that giving them the weapons might just be selling them false optimism and wants her to flee and survive. Keeley appears and wants to crew to join them for a festival.

Five reports to Two about their memory eradication not being a mishap. The Ferrous Corp destroyer Deliverance falls out of FTL within orbit and sends a transport to the planet’s surface. Two attempts to warn the crew, but no one is on the shuttle to hear her message. During the celebration, the laborers and crew are told that Ferrous Corp has arrived, and One goes to help them. Two tries to communicate with the destroyer down, but Commander Nieman declines and travels to the Raza by shuttle.